Mercedes is one of our talented artisans who specializes in weaving our popular Canasta Tote. We met Mercedes through our partnership with Project Apoyo, a local non-profit organization here in Guatemala. Their team works closely with the Education for the Children Foundation (EFTC) to train entrepreneurs and launch small businesses. Mercedes began studying at the EFTC’s school when she was eight years old, and when she started classes in college, she was looking for a way to earn some extra income for her family. She decided to enroll in the entrepreneurship program to learn how to weave baskets and quickly learned that she had a real talent for it.



Mercedes is currently studying to be a secondary school teacher, and outside of her own classes, she works as a substitute teacher with the EFTC and weaves baskets for Amado. Working from home gives her the flexibility to help take care of her three siblings and assist her mom in making tortillas. The money she makes helps support her family and buy food for her seven beloved cats.


Mercedes thanks you for your purchase and would love to know what you think of her work!