The Amado Collection is based in Antigua, Guatemala, and our primary objective is to produce high-quality items in an ethical manner. Our Canasta Tote is one of our most popular products–not only for its durability, functionality, eco-friendliness, and customizable features but also for the rich narrative behind the making of the bag.




The inspiration behind our Canasta Tote comes from the meaning of the word itself, which is Spanish for “basket.”
For those familiar with Guatemala, the Canasta tote is a daily essential for the local residents, who regularly use it to carry groceries, produce, and various goods from bustling local markets. With outdoor markets as the “go-to” for most of our shopping needs, the Canasta tote proves indispensable, especially considering that walking, driving motorcycles, and taking buses are the prevalent modes of transportation here. The sturdiness of the Canasta allows the carrier to transport heavy loads without the risk of the bag folding in or breaking.



Our team comprises eleven skilled female artisans who meticulously hand-weave each bag on wooden molds, all from the comfort of their own homes.
The weaving process is intricate and time-consuming, demanding high skill and careful attention to detail. Currently, the Amado Collection offers three sizes of the Canasta Tote: the large size (which takes approximately 12 hours to complete); the medium size (which requires 8 hours);  and the small size (which takes about 5 hours). 



The Canastas are intricately handwoven from recycled plastic, and transformed into hilo, which forms the thinner strings for the bag's sides and handles.
The base is crafted from cinta, also known as cincho. Because the material originates from recycled sources and is individually handwoven, each basket has its own unique characteristics and during the weaving process, the artisans skillfully employ lighters to fuse the plastic threads. The materials used are sourced locally from various vendors in Guatemala, further bolstering the local economy by supporting small businesses engaged in the sale of these materials.




The finished Canasta from Amado Collection exemplifies high-quality craftsmanship, reflective of the artisanal touch.
Minor imperfections may be noticeable in your bag, reminding you that it was not churned out by a machine in a distant factory. Instead, your bag represents a piece of art meticulously handwoven in the home of one of our artisans, where she is able to weave alongside the simmering pot of beans or while her little ones sleep in the adjacent room.




Your purchase means empowerment.
Our customers’ appreciation of these bags instills a sense of pride and respect in our artisans. Through the purchase of your Canasta Tote, you are not just supporting artisans and embracing the use of recycled materials; you are  also playing a part in the preservation of traditional weaving techniques.